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I am a certified Digital Brands and Communications Professional with experience spanning over 7years.
Asides helping brands get the best out of their digital efforts, my interests span other creative sectors like photography, writing flash fiction, creative designing, music and dance. I am a politically consciuous and active individual who uses his platforms and network to push progressive ideologies aimed at entrenching good governance in Africa

Taye Paul Olubayo

I can help you migrate the murky waters of your digital marketing needs – target, reach, impressions, ROI, adwords, PPC, analytics etc. Getting the best out of every dime spent is what I’m here for – we die here!

I understand the dynamics of being witty, the technicalities around algorithms, the importance of speedy responses and creativity behind witty and captivating content. As a writer of fiction myself, I think I know a little something about creativity
Influencer Marketing

As a leading influencer in the digital space that can help shape communications for your brand, my skill set is second to none. It will interest you to know that this particular aspect of what I do has seen me being listed thrice (2014 2015 and 2016) by Forbes, New York Times Magazine and Wall Street Journal as being one of Top 100 Sales and Communications Guys

Digital Communications Consultancy Having done consulting for: Osun, Kwara, Oyo, Zamfara, Yobe, Niger, Edo and Lagos state Governments coupled with other brands like Jumia Food, Lagos State Waterways Authority, Mara Mentor, Microsoft Nigeria, Slot Nigeria to mention a few, I can categorically say talking to me about your digital communications needs is the best decision you’d be taking



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